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Dahlia's Pedigree


3.5 months old

Dahlia came to Me-Chelle's along with Miles. We have a lot of puppies at our home. Dahlia is a wild child. She is always into or causing trouble. Dahlia is as cute as they come and is so full of herself whether on a lead or the table.

Dahlia believes she can win any judge over. She was definitely a great catch for ME-Chelle's (actually all of our dogs are great catches).

Look for Dahlia in the show ring in late summer to early fall 2005! Dahlia started in the show ring in the fall of 2005 and was quickly pulled due to her immaturity.

5 months old

7 months old

12 months old
Allowing her the winter to mature was the best decision ever. When Dahlia went back in the ring the Spring of 2006, she finished her championship quickly in four shows. After some more maturing and passing all her health tests, Dahlia had a beautiful litter of four pups with Anton (Ch. Loranne The Do All) on July 12, 2007.

19 months old

19 months old

3.5 yrs. old