Michelle Verrier-Davis, D.M.D.
22 Stapleford Drive
Falmouth, ME 04105



Gilbert came into the IG rescue in March of 2006 as a 6 month old puppy. He was the product of an owner having a litter of puppies and not fixing them or placing them. They were irresponisible and allowed Gilbert's parents to run together without a care. And yes, someone did become pregnant. This breeding was not done to better the breed, it was conceived out of owner irresponsibility. Needless to say, no health testing was done on either of these dogs.

Soon after coming into the rescue, Gilbert was diagnosed with megaesophahus. The vets wanted to euthanize him because he will have this for the rest of his life. I decided to keep Gilbert and, if things got bad, I would do the right thing. Gilbert was a happy, fun 6 month old puppy.

At the present time, we have his condition under control and we manage it well. It's still always on our minds and a huge concern. He is now neutered and, due to his health condition, is a forever IG at ME-Chelle's Gilbert's best friends, Anton and Zack, are happy to have such a fun and friendly bud around.