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Suzie's Pedigree


5 months old

Suzie came to ME-Chelle's after Maggie was healthy. I again looked for a reputable breeder to get a show quality IG to start my dog showing adventure. I found out that the IG world was much tougher to break into than the Whippet world. Both were very much soap operas.
I was even promised a dog by a breeder who, at the last moment deemed me unqualified to own one of her puppies and reneged on the deal. Although I do understand everyone wants the best for their dogs, It broke my heart. I just wish she could have come to my home, meet my dogs, me and realize just how wrong she was to come to such a conclusion. My dogs are my children and are treated better than most human children.

6 months old

11 months old

14 months old

Soon after that fiasco I acquired Suzie who I poured my love in to. She is a hot ticket and hopefully others will think so too. Others did think so because she finally finished her championship by 11 months old. After finishing, Suzie continued to enjoy her life at ME-Chelle's Resort. Suzie has passed all health tests with flying colors. We are anticipating breeding Suzie in the Spring of 2008.

18 months old

18 months old